Street Art

Lately social media is the place to find the hottest spots, fashion inspiration, and trendiest places to visit. Besides making the best photo shoot backgrounds and brightest Instagram posts, street art itself is inspiring. These spaces start out as blank canvases. Bricks, pavement, or iron shop covers, whatever it may be, the possibilities are endless when a creative is handed paint to transform the space. These works aren’t just pleasing to the eye, but can help you look at a space in a new and different way.

As an artist and designer herself, Jordana admires street art wherever she goes. One of her favorite spots to get inspired and appreciate art is at the art district in Miami, Florida. When exploring the Wynwood neighborhood, you will find the most amazing street art in places you would have never expected. This spot in Miami began as a family deciding to turn the once decaying buildings into art masterpieces that later grew to become the entire Wynwood Art District (home of the famous Art Basel). Wynwood changes their walls every so often, bringing in famous worldly and eclectic artists to unleash their wildest imagination on the streets of Miami.


In New York City, there are plenty of building sides, sidewalks, and store fronts covered with beautiful works of art. Some of Jordana’s favorite areas to spot street art include Soho, the Lower East Side, and the Bowery. A personal favorite is artist Tristan Eaton’s Audrey Hepburn at Caffé Roma (385 Broome St. NY, New York).



Also, Jordana recently traveled to LA for work and, of course, spent time admiring the street art. One of her favorite areas for art is Venice, where you can find the Venice Beach Public Art Walls that are curated similarly to the Wynwood walls, in a completely different setting. While walking down Abbot Kinney Boulevard, you will see brightly colored walls and extraordinary murals and paintings along the outside of popular shops and restaurants. West Hollywood is another favorite to go shopping and spot street art. The Pall Smith Pink Wall is a very popular destination for bloggers and influencers on social media. This wall is always crowded and makes the perfect backdrop for Instagram photos. If you ever come across any of these places or other street-works that inspire or help you to create, share them with us! We are always looking for new art to get inspired by! As you can see in the pictures, street art also makes a GREAT photoshoot background for all of Jordana’s designs!