Spring Fashion: Peace and Love Collection

Spring is all about color, color, and more color...

It’s been a long winter, but with spring finally here, Jordana is so excited to wear all her favorite Spring essentials. The Peace and Love collection, without a doubt, is the perfect addition to any spring outfit!

Whether you’re pairing the peace and love sneakers with your new fringe jeans, or sporting your peace and love leggings on your outdoor (finally!) run, Jordana has everything you need for the season.

Spring fashion is all things by Jordana - floral patterns, vibrant colors, and celebration of all things bright! With just a quick scroll through her instagram or website, it’s pretty clear that Jordana loves using color in her designs. Even the custom by Jordana tissue paper is bright and floral, and luckily comes with all shoe purchases.

This spring, add a little Peace and Love to your closet. You deserve it.

P.S. Iced coffee and sunshine are the best accessory!

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