Reebok Collaboration

Reebok Collaboration

Hand-Crafted Holiday Kicks

Reebok teamed up with three Instagram artists to create one-of-a-kind pairs of Reebok Classic Leather shoes for the holidays."

"We gave them each a blank canvas with a pair of white Classic Leathers and asked them to create a holiday scene from scratch. They captured the entire design process from start to finish, and the results are insane.

Santa Sneakerheads … this one’s for you!" 

My sneaker design was based on color. The use of bright shades was all to capture the spirit of the season! This design was inspired by the happy and festive feelings of the Holiday season. Between the vibrant colors and symbolic icons, I wanted to represent the holidays in an exciting, young, and fun way.

I love fashion and footwear, and always wear sneakers wherever I go. The Reebok Classic Leathers are especially great for both comfort and fashion. I like to make my outfits pop by wearing these bright and colorful shoes!


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