Jackets by Jordana

When we think of Jordana, we think of color, artwork, originality, and bold personality. Jordana recently started customizing leather jackets for the fall and winter months that are approaching! The customization trend became fashionable over the last few seasons, and now Jordana has outdone herself by popularizing fun and trendy leather jackets.        

With brands like Alive + Olivia, Givenchy, Saint Laurent, and Rag & Bone promoting this huge trend, it’s no surprise that Jord hopped on board. These eye candy-filled personalized jackets are popping up all over the runways and everyone wants them hanging in their closets. They were HUGE during New York Fashion Week, with fashion icons and celebs!



Recently, Jordana made custom leather jackets for Foundermade! Foundermade is a startup company that connects early stage entrepreneurs to corporate CEO’s, investors and mentorship! Jordana was commissioned to design 8 custom leather jackets for the Foundermade team, who recently wore them to their summits in LA and NYC! The girls LOVED their custom jackets, as did everyone on Jordana’s Instagram account (@by_jordana)! In fact, one of the founders, said “We all love wearing our custom jackets because they embody the Foundermade vision. We’re here to foster growth and build businesses such as By Jordana!” Jordana has also designed an unbelievable LOVE inspired jacket, has bejeweled and customized jean jackets, and has a lot more up her sleeves within the next few months as Winter approaches!

Personalized jackets are EVERYTHING in the fashion world right now, as they have been embraced by hundreds of celebrities. Fashion enthusiasts strive to reach a higher level of originality, just as Jordana has done with her new brand!


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