by Jordana Featured in Allure Access

by Jordana Featured in Allure Access


There's no doubt about it: Jordana Schrager's shoes were made for walking...and so much more. The creative-doodling guru behind bespoke By Jordana sneakers started customizing kicks for friends and family while still in high school. Today, her playful yet bold stere-art-style creative have caught the discerning eye of trendsetters and the freshly minted University of Michigan grad now names A-listers like Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus and brands such as Reebok among her fashion-forward fans and clients. Most recently, her first mass-produced fashion and footwear line debuted online and in retailers across the country. But the young designer hasn't let the excitement go to her head...or her well-heeled feet. "The key to my success has always been looking at an obstacle and viewing it as an opportunity to find a creative and effective solution," she says. "And I really love what I do, too."- Jennifer Henderson

Her sole story: "I've always looked up to my older sister, Jolie, who loves all things fashion and beauty. When we were kids, she would always do my makeup and choose outfits for me from her closet."

Her process: "I put on music, get in the zone, and just create. All of my designs are vibrantly colored and have a distinct, artistic style."

Her path: "After I graduated from the University of Michigan, I was looking for funding to really grow and scale my business. I've always wanted to mass produce my designs, have them printed on a variety of products, and sell them to retail stores across the country. I received my first investment form the Founders Fund through the Zell Lurie Institute at the University of Michigan which allowed me to truly follow my dreams."

Her work ethic: "I'm a hard-worker and very organized. Starting my own business has taught me to manage my time well."

Her spotlight moment: "I created a custom Happy Hippie Foundation sneaker for Miley, who actually wore them backstage at the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards I was so excited!"

Her look: "I love being comfortable yet put together and I always love adding a pop of color to my outfits. My go-to's are high-waist paints, a cropped sweater, and a leather jacket. And of course, a pari of my custom shoes."

Her success secret: "Work hard and believe in yourself."

Her must-haves: "Beats Studio headphones. Iced coffee from Irving Farm Coffee Roasters. Vodka pizza from Rubirosa. My custom slip-on Vans, high-top Converse, and pink Timbs. A maroon or dark purple lip from Nars or Marc Jacobs Beauty."

Her practical inspiration: "All of the designs I make are inspired by my customers. I also find inspiration on social media, which is where I connect and learn about my clients. I look up to successful entrepreneurs, too, and try to follow in their footsteps."

Her treasured possession: "The custom heels I designed just for myself. I only wear them on very special occasions."

Her motto: "Peace and love and sneakers."

Her future: "I have events planned at retail stores across the country. I am also working on some fun, new designs, too, that I cannot wait to show everyone. And I would love to collaborate with Target. They always partner with the coolest designers and to work with them would be a dream come true."